Writing as a Smut Marathoner – Round 4

It’s time to share the results of Round 4 of the 2020 Smut Marathon. Below you’ll find a few details and insights about that round’s assignment as well as dates for the next round.


Now that Round 5 is in progress, read on to see what I wrote and how I fared for Round 4…or click the link(s) below to read my entries for past rounds.

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Round 4 Assignment – A Story Featuring Dancing

For the fourth round of the Smut Marathon, writers were asked to draft an erotic story comprised of 275 to 325 words, but that also featured dancing.

My entry for this round was listed as #45 and is shown below:

Tera-Bitten Tango

Dex hates not having control. Still, he sets his sync-ware to scan for Tera’s signal — her siren’s song.

Come to me. I’ll take care of you. Protect you…*

Her words resonate across a pirated frequency, flooding his biosensors with erotic, electrical impulses that harden his cock. His biomechatronic legs set out in search of her, traversing backstreets awash with neon. Sector loudspeakers blare curfew warnings as if fighting for sensory dominance over the scent of decay and prevalence of dejection. But, hell if he’s stopping.

Stepping inside the club, the music hits him like a wave. It blasts him back then pulls him towards the empty seat at the front of the stage. Tera’s dancing now, her cybernetic limbs cutting gracefully through sound and space like scissors as she moves in time with the binaural beat.

The smell of her, sweet and pungent, fills the air as she thrusts her naked sex towards the patrons. She wears a crotchless bodysuit to entice the crowd. His cum has stained the shiny latex numerous times, but he doesn’t need such gimmicks. Just the wet, whirring sounds from her vaginal conduit is enough to make him desperate. He pulls his erection free of his standard-issue uniform and begins to stroke its length.

I’ll catch you. Destroy all that is keeping you back. And then I’ll nurse you…

He ignores those laughing at his eagerness. Soon, their humor becomes disbelief when she carefully lowers herself from the stage to straddle his hips. With Tera impaled upon him, he grinds in a frenzy until she takes control and sets the tempo. Resting her forehead on his, she closes the circuit — connecting flesh, bone, and electronics.

Dex knows she’s exploiting a software glitch, accessing the fuck out of his hard drive until her backdoor upload is complete. But, hell if he’s stopping.

*Italicized lyrics by Bjork Gudmundsdottir | “Come to Me” from the album Debut (1993)

My Thought Process

I wrote several drafts for this round.

At first, I drew a bit of a blank on how I wanted to incorporate dancing into an erotic storyline. Using a stripper or exotic dancing as one of the characters seemed an obvious choice—and likely one many other marathoners would use. But, no ideas are bad when brainstorming. So, I allowed my creative process free reign to see if I might uncover an original angle.

I settled on using a couple of randomly chosen, drastically different songs to act as my inspiration. I ended up creating 2 workable ideas. From there, I drafted about 4 or 5 differing outlines that featured dancing in some manner.


Though I liked several of my outlines, all but two required more words than the allotted word count requirement to tell the story to my satisfaction. I tweaked the two workable outlines, making one a crime/horror story (just for the hell of it) and taking the other into a more dystopian/cyberpunk direction.

Never having attempted a cyberpunk story, I decided to develop that storyline in a third-person/present POV.

To get the right ‘feel’ for that story, I had to research a bit of cybernetics and computer terminology to ensure the story reflected the genre. I enjoy speculative fiction, so it wasn’t too foreign a concept for me. Still the resulting story, about two cyborg characters, had to come off as authentic…and sexy too. So, the extra bit of research actually helped with that.

I had fun with this story and will definitely slate it for one to be re-written and developed to be a 3K-7K word short story at a later date.

My Round 4 Results

I scored 4 points over all—with 3 points coming from the public vote and 1 point from the jury. My entry moved me up one place from the last round, being as I ended up with 7 actual public votes this time. As a result, I’ve moved up from position 23 to 22 in the overall standings.

As always, I tend to get a range of comments and feedback from readers. Below are a few of the comments I received…in no particular order:

“A different take on the lap dancing theme that a few other stories ran with and all the better for it. The imagination of the descriptions was great, and I’m a fan of sci-fi. But it didn’t quite work for me as an erotic piece.”

“This is so far outside my interests and comfort zone that I’m not sure I can give meaningful feedback on it. I appreciated some of the artful alliteration and I did like the ending, with its echo of his earlier determination/thrall, but I have no idea whether a whirring vaginal conduit is erotic in this genre.”

“45- Wow! This was fun and unique and sexy! I really enjoyed this little sex adventure!”

“I laughed at “standard issued” but really loved the “completing the circuit” line. It felt poetic but had payoff in the final few lines. I didn’t immediately like that they just get to sex so easily… but the weird sci-fi scene debased me enough to wonder if this isn’t so abnormal. Respect for going out there with so few words and still trying to engage with potentially boring techno jargon. You handled this task well! My imagination and curiosity is engaged. I’d like to read more!”

45) A novel story. Powerful impressions of lust and satisfaction in a futuristic setting – I was fascinated and hooked.

“I love the dystopian, yet futuristic feel of this story, and the connection they have. I smiled at his ‘hard disk’ and her ‘backdoor’.”

“45.Tera-Bitten Tango */ Star: It’s an intriguing setting. / Star: Unique synopsis. / Wish: I wish I knew more about these characters.”

General Overview of the Field

Overall, I was quite impressed with everyone’s efforts. Sure, there were several that had similar portrayals of ‘dancing’, which resulted in many entries blending together as opposed to standing apart. Still, the technical aspects of writing this round were quite sound. And everyone used the ‘dance’ theme in a way that fulfilled the assignment requirements.

Each voting round, I remain mindful that entries will reflect varying degrees of experience and writers who are in varying stages of their writing journey.

I know that every participant is writing the best they can and try not to have unrealistic expectations that every story will be on par with that of my favorite best-selling writer or within the genre of my choice.

So, dancing wasn’t such an inspirational theme for this group as a whole. (It certainly wasn’t for me.) Oh well. I still appreciated the effort put forth by everyone…regardless if the entry was ‘obvious’ in its use of the prompt, wasn’t overly erotic, or tended to be more of a ‘scene’ than complete story.

It’s hard to come up with original ideas under pressure, especially if it’s not something one is use to doing. Yet, stories were submitted. Kudos to those who did!

Getting any words down at all—especially in a coherent manner and with such few words to work with—is a feat in and of itself…whether writing in a competition or not. I applaud everyone who was able to get an entry written, edited, completed and submitted by the deadline.

Without entries, there would be no stories to read…nor to judge. So, while others might feel a sense of disappointment in the offerings this round, I sincerely appreciate the hard work behind each entry.

To those needing encouragement…keep your head up and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

To those who have left the marathon—for whatever reason—your writing journey doesn’t have to stop there. PLEASE KEEP WRITING!

My favorites (and my votes, in bold) were as follows this round: 42, 27, 24, 2, 49, 6, 17, 26, 32, 52, 3, 4

Concluding the Fourth Round

Writing cyberpunk was fun. I’ll definitely be doing more writing within that genre in the future (not necessarily as a part of the marathon). As far as the dancing theme was concerned, I’m not likely to include that as a central part of any future erotic works. But, one never knows.

In any event, I qualified to move on to the next round. So, I’m looking forward to the next assignment.

. . . . . . . . .

Round 5 writing ends MAY 27 and voting begins on MAY 31. ◄◄

— All writing and fiction © 2020 Beatrix_B | The Pink Seam —

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TMI Tuesday: Ain’t Misbehavin’

It’s time for another TMITuesdayBlog Q&A (May 12, 2020). Below are my answers to questions about sex, life, and anything in between. Wanna join in? Read the info below this post to find out how. 


1. How replaceable are you?

ANSWER: Not very…within my paradigm. I’m a single-parent who’s self-employed. So, the only person who does my mom-job and work-job is me. But, then, everyone thinks that about themselves. It just depends on who you are talking to and the context being discussed.

2. Does jealously have value in driving humans to improve themselves or is it a purely negative emotion?

ANSWER: No. I think jealously—or any other negative emotion, for that matter—that results in someone thinking less of themselves within the context of comparison (not being enough, not having enough, etc.) is a toxic precept. If jealousy is at the root of someone’s motivations, that’s not a good thing. I don’t care how far it pushes them or seems to ‘improve’ his or her life.

A section of your life’s memories needs to be erased, which era will you elect to have erased?

A. childhood memories – age 3 to 12
B. teen and young adult years – age 13 to 23
C. adult – age 24 to 35

ANSWER: (A) Childhood memories. Personally, I’d not want to erase any of my life’s memories. However, in the terms of the areas of living that serve an important purpose in my current life and work (e.g., my high-school/college education and early work experience), it seems that losing childhood memories would have the least impact on my being able to earn a good living and support myself and my kiddo.

4. With no laws or rules to influence your behavior, how do you think you would behave?

ANSWER: I think I’d behave as I do now. Rules are a human necessity…if we don’t want to live in a society that resembles Lord of the Flies.

Of course, if there were no laws or rules to influence our behavior—dating back from birth to adulthood—the human race would likely cease to exist…as there would be nothing in place to protect children, women, minorities, and other marginalized people from being abused/persecuted to death. Those of privilege would actually have to do the work they are too ‘special’ to perform. But, not knowing how, they too would die…from lack of food, clean water, or exposure to elements.

5. Does anonymity encourage people to misbehave or does it reveal how people would choose to act all the time if they could?

ANSWER: For some, it’s both. For others, it has no bearing. I think everyone is who they are, regardless of how they act when anonymous or not. Integrity, maturity, and emotional intelligence are the attributes that shape our actions in life. Those elements within my character are what ensure that I am the same person whether my identity is known or not.

BONUS: In the time of coronavirus pandemic, what are you rocking–homemade face covering or manufactured mask?

ANSWER: Rockin’ homemade face masks. ends on the situation. Purple leopard print ones…to be exact!

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TMI Tuesday: Sexy and I Know It

It’s time for another TMITuesdayBlog Q&A (Mary 5, 2020). Below are my answers to questions about sex, life, and anything in between. Wanna join in? Read the info below this post to find out how. 


1. Do you have a strong imagination? Why do you think this?

ANSWER: Yes, I am. My parents encouraged my imagination as a young child. So, it was a ‘muscle’ I continued to nurture and feed until I was old enough to attach real-life skills and aptitudes (such as drawing and writing) to it. Then, it motivated me to seek educational and employment opportunities in fields that valued that trait. Now it is a crucial part of my livelihood and is at the root of who I am as a person.

2. Are you confident?

ANSWER: In most situations…yes. There’s an advantage to getting older. For me, that means having more time to attainment of knowledge, learn new things, travel the world, and make calculated risks that tests one’s skills. That kind of growth provided one opportunities to build trust in oneself and in one’s aptitudes, which is instrumental in nurturing confidence.

3. Do you consider yourself to be sensual?

a. You bet I am!
b. Eek, no way.
c. In the right moments, I can be.

ANSWER: (C) In the right moments… I’m not the kind of person who focuses over much on sensuality unless there’s a reason too…or I happen to be in that frame of mind. As a woman who works for myself as well as one who is solely responsible for the welfare and stability of a minor-age child, I feel I need to establish a specific ‘time and place’ for such things.

4. When was the last time you dressed provocatively to entice flirting or attention?

ANSWER: Before the health crisis. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a certain degree of ‘flirty’ attire in my normal day-to-day. However, for the last month’s, with it being just the kiddo and myself in self-quarantine, I’m really enjoying dressing ‘comfy’ around the house.

5. How often do you think about sex?

ANSWER: I don’t know…a lot. As someone who writes and/or publishes short-form erotica daily, sexual thoughts and storylines are regularly running through my head. I’ve always been one who categorizes sexual energy as another aspect of creative energy. So, I routinely welcome any thoughts that energize my creativity. Sexy thoughts are great a doing that.

6. If someone called you ‘sexy,’ what would you do?

ANSWER: That depends on the situation. As I mentioned previously, there’s a time and place for such things. I don’t have any problems with those types of comments in sexual situations or in consensual, sexual contexts. But, I would not welcome such comments from random strangers, in a professional setting, or in front of my kiddo.

7. Are you comfortable with your body?

ANSWER: Yes, I’m pretty comfortable with my body. It’s the only body I have, and I’ve had it for several decades now. It might not be perfect when it comes to ideals of aesthetics, but it’s healthy and strong and hasn’t managed to let me down when I needed it. So, for all that I am very grateful…and try my best to give it the credit it deserves.

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TMI Tuesday: Utterly Nonsensical

It’s time for another TMITuesdayBlog Q&A (April 28, 2020). Below are my answers to questions about sex, life, and anything in between. Wanna join in? Read the info below this post to find out how. 


1. So, what’s your typical work uniform if you are working from home?

ANSWER: Yoga pants and a tee. As I always work from home, this tends to be my uniform all year around. If it’s colder out, my ensemble will included a sweater, my favorite scarf, and some fuzzy socks.

2. Are you eating more _ under coronavirus lock-down or self-quarantine? (choose all that apply)

a. Prepared foods
b. Fresh produce
c. Frozen food (veggies, entrees, pizzas, etc.)
d. Snacks foods (cookies, cakes, ice cream, chips, crackers, candy, etc.)
e. Homemade soups, stews, casseroles
f. I’m just eating more…everything.

ANSWER: (F) Just eating more. Considering I’m home all the time due to self-quarantine, I’m never very far from my kitchen. Still, I’m preparing all my meals homemade and make a point to include fresh produce weekly…along with an occasional snack. However, as I continue to follow my pre-crisis workout routine, I don’t feel too bad about the increase in calories.

3. What are you planning to do?

ANSWER: What I always do... problem-solve, adapt, and survive.

4. Picked up any new hobbies lately?

ANSWER: Yes, I’ve reconnected with my ’80’s gamer’ roots...and have been playing a lot of an online strategy video game with friends. I usually don’t have time for such things. But, with all the enforced downtime of late, I’m really enjoying a bit of frivolous interaction with friends.

5. Would you rather be compelled to high five everyone you meet or be compelled to give wedgies to anyone in a green shirt?

ANSWER: High-fives. But, for the unforeseeable future, all of my high-fives will be ‘air’ high-fives, given while at a distance of 6 feet!

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50-Word Stories: ‘Heated Reaction’

Sharing micro-fiction stories, current and past, written for a Literotica forum thread.


Heated Reaction*

Jasper wanted to abscond from his wife’s irate glare. Her failed fellatio attempt—and excessive swelling—had ruined her regal affair. Everyone sighed in relief when he returned with the epinephrine injection to counteract the myriad of spices he’d rubbed on his dick. He’d forgotten she was allergic to cayenne.

■ Required words = bold

*Italics = words from two previous 3-word prompts (irate, fellatio, cayennerelief, returned, regal)


2020 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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#HaikuLust ~ Forget

Writing erotic 5-7-5 lines over the weekend for Twitter’s #HaikuLust.



hearing your growled moans,
I forget that the distance
adds fuel to our heat


a digital touch,
me fingering my ‘G’ key
over and over

(#InkMine Prompt = touch)


Copyright © 2020 | Beatrix_B

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TMI Tuesday: Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

I’m back for another TMITuesdayBlog Q&A post (April 21, 2020). Did you miss me? As always, I may be answering questions about sex and life in general. Wanna join in? Read the info below this post to find out how. 


1. Do you like pain?

ANSWER: No, I do not. The closest I ever get to liking pain is the moment after I’ve finished a tough workout. Otherwise, this is the only ‘pain’ that gives me pleasure. 😁

2. Would you say you have a high or low tolerance for pain?

ANSWER: I have a high pain tolerance. I tend to not to need pain meds in situations where most people would be in total agony. For example: I was in labor for 2 days without pain meds, rarely need pain meds after surgeries, and have endured the rupturing of my appendix (for 24 hours) after being misdiagnosed by a doctor who mistook my appendicitis for a urinary track infection (because I wasn’t in the usual amount of pain).

3. True or false: I like to receive pain during sex.

ANSWER: False. I do NOT like to receive pain of any kind during sex. 

4. Finish the sentence: I like inflicting pain during sex because . . .

ANSWER: Well…that’s a leading question… if ever there was one! I’m not especially into ‘inflicting’ pain during sex. I’m more the type to likes to make one endure the agony of being sexually teased until the point of begging or drooling. Pain is rarely a focus for me. Discomfort, yes. But, pain…not so much. Still, I’m not opposed to a little ‘slap and tickle’ if my partner enjoys that kind of thing,

5. What’s your preference? Why? (You must pick one)

a. Wearing nipple clamps for 8 hours
b. Receiving 20 minute spanking session using hands and paddle
c. Getting your cock & balls smacked (only those who have testicles can pick this)
d. Heavy flogging
e. None of the above

ANSWER: (E.) None of the above. I’m a female dominant and have no interest in any interest in experiencing any of the kink-play listed. (Sorry. Not sorry.)

BONUS: What is the best thing that a woman can do to you in bed?

ANSWER: Bring me breakfast?! Again, this is another ‘leading question’. I’ll admit..I am a bit bi-curious. But, I’m not attracted to women sexually. (I know…it’s a conundrum that plagues me, too.) So, I’d only consider doing anything sexual in bed with a woman if I had a male partner who was open to threesomes. 

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