Drive-Thru Dalliance

Whether a returning meme or not, Flash Friday is definitely new to me.
I’m always down for promoting anything that shines a positive light on flash fiction…the smut angle is just a bonus.  ~Beatrix_B 

Story and cover design: Beatrix_B © 2018 | @ThePinkSeam on Twitter

The speaker crackled as a sexy voice spoke, “Welcome to BJ’s, may I take your order?”

The attractive brunette in the monitor wore a thin, red mask and looked to be around nineteen. She’d do nicely. He took a moment to peruse her menu as  his cock swelled.

“Do you offer just regular blow-jobs?”

“Sure, pull ahead.”

Not long after, he idled in the designated pick-up lane with his fly undone, and the brunette attached to his cock as if he were a straw in the middle of a thick milkshake. She was quick and efficient with her tongue and mouth suction, and her hair smelled like vanilla  as he held her head in place and pumped into her mouth until just before the levee broke.

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He groaned as he came, his load coating her disposable face shield in long streams. He smiled, proud of his organic graffiti. She smiled back, equally proud to have been tagged as she licked her lips and fingers.

“A satisfied customer is a repeat customer,” she purred. “Would you like another souvenir for your collection?” He nodded, handing her his phone. She beamed into the flash, returned his phone, and jumped out of the car as she blew him a kiss. She’d be cleaned-up and back in rotation in no time. Friday nights were always the busiest.

He looked down at the selfie she’d taken. He liked how the flash highlighted his pale spunk oozing down the printed slogan upon her mask, “Happy customers come here.”  Indeed.


2018 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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9 thoughts on “Drive-Thru Dalliance

  1. Just…WOW! This is such a hot CFNM scene! Normally I shy away from something that seems a little like using a woman as an object, but this one doesn’t give me that, it gives me a cyberpunk/industrial feel like the stuff from an author I adore, I-O by Simon Logan! Makes me want to output some “organic graffiti” of my own! I love that term! Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed it! I like to think that I typically depict women as sexually empowered regardless of whether their actions are ‘top-ish’ or ‘bottom-ish’. However, sometimes, I’m just telling a story of a sexual tryst that I would imagine to be hot.


      • I’m glad to hear it! I think women always DO have the most sexual power and it’s not even close! I’m keenly interested in CFNM and in my own posing and posting, I’m keenly aware that a naked man is very vulnerable while in that position while a naked women is very powerful in my estimation, or even a clothed woman in the presence of a naked man. I could be wrong about that. Sometime I’ll write a post to exactly why I think that. But I’m not at all submissive, I just hate weakness and hate when somebody takes advantage of weakness. Sometimes men usurp the power gap with force or social/political influence. Or money. A basic philosophy of mine is you have to be placed in vulnerable positions to drive out weakness. Can’t be a bubble boy, have to take on the world and toughen up and assorted coach speak.


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