Erotic Rewind: August’s #StoryIn12

erotic rewind-bnr

Here is August’s collection of 12-word stories inspired by the daily Twitter hashtag #StoryIn12 (hosted by @MollysDailyKiss and @Wriggly_Kitty). As is usually the case with me, I got a bit creative the last half of the month and began writing 3-in-1 stories* (#3in1stories), which are three standalone 12-word stories grouped together to make one 36-word story.

A Story-in-12 lines for August

VICE: She didn’t consider anal sex a vice by virtue of her intelligence.

LETTER: Her text read, “Ready for your Blowjob?” The capital letter intrigued him.

HUSBAND: The pastor’s unholy anointing pronounced their union cucked husband and hot wife.

On Sunday, she had him six ways, only once as the bottom.
■ She always drove him on Sundays, ensuring a long and winding ride.

FIGHT: They fribbed and caterwauled, two sex kittens in a fight over tuna.

FRENCH: Her French tutor guided her tongue to perform distinctly among American women.

REFLECTION, BAREFOOT, and GRACE: Her reflection showed barefoot grace, legs open with his head busy between.

■ “Who’s next?” Her hair was filthy, covered in man-cream and other fluids.
■ He whispered filthy-nothings and pumped her full of his rich, frothy cream.

CREAM, FILTHY, and BROKEN: Sadly, his good intentions became filthy sheets, cream-filled condoms, and broken vows.

DANCE: Equilibrium lost, she watched his tongue dance circles around her pelvic floor.

CIRCLE: The men circle-jerked while the women twerked. It was a comely occasion.

■ She couldn’t swallow her lover and the lie. She’d spit one out.
■ The waitress knew how to take big tips in one, throat-filling swallow.

50-word micro story inspired by #StoryIn12 prompts ‘imaginary’ and ‘wine’.

VICTORY: She repeated took one for the team, celebrating the gang’s hard-earned victory!

WINE: The sommelier-in-training doused each judges’ cock in wine to stomach the taste.

NASTY: He was doing it well she’d the look of having smelled something nasty.

50-word micro story inspired by #StoryIn12 prompts ‘imaginary’ and ‘wine’.

Mixing things up with #3in1stories

To break up a bit of the monotony, I’ve started approaching this hashtag in thirds. Click the link below to see the lines created for this new format of 3-in-1 stories.

EXAM, ATTACK, and DEMAND: “Slap-Happy Domme”

WINE, EXAM, and ATTACK: “An Uncleansed Palate”

IMAGINARY, WINE, and EXAM: “Her Power”

SATISFIED, IMAGINARY, and WINE: “Pomp and CirCUMstance”


*Note: I’ve stopped posting to #3in1 in favor of having ‘exclusive’ use of #3in1stories.

Did you enjoy the 12-word stories? The 3-in-One stories?

Leave a comment about your favorites…or share one of your own.


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