Provocative Picks for #SoSS – Sept. 22



Week in Review

As always, there was an endless collection of smut to comb through online; however, I opted to only highlight the writers of one specific meme for my Provocative Picks this week—Friday Flash (#FriFlash).

For those who aren’t aware of the flash fiction writing meme Friday Flash (hosted by the fabulous F. Leonora Solomon), you should definitely stop over and read some of the wonderful work posted yesterday (or early this morning, as was the case for me).

To participate, you’ve only to write a story less than 500 words (the use of the image prompt is optional). Yes, such a small word-count can be challenging to tackle if you are new to the format. However attempting to incorporated each week’s conceptual image prompt (again, optional) is always a hoot. Check out the submissions for last week’s ‘Rabbit Ears’ below.

Lewd Lines and Prompted Prose

The Thing about Rabbits by kisungura () – Flash fiction
If you aren’t regularly reading this author’s work, you should be. Her stories are little literary gems carefully wrapped up in sensual imagery and detail. When she weaves her erotic web, you can’t help but fly head-first into her crafted narrative. She’ll have you from the first few lines, anticipating every word, until the end.

Behold the Brat  by Floss#ProudToBeKinky (@_floss_84 ) – Flash fiction
Although this story is part 4 within a series, it reads just as proper flash fiction ought to—with a distinct beginning, middle, and end. The author’s playful style, use of dialogue, and solid characterization will definitely make you curious to see how the power dynamics within this sexy lesbian relationship will eventually play out.

Rabbit Ears by Lascivious Lucy (@LasciviousLucy) – Flash fiction
If you are in the mood for a bit of raunchy ‘cuck and wank’, then you’ll enjoy this sexy depiction of a woman whose fantasies take her in a kinkier than usual direction. A writer after my own heart, Lucy’s erotic style depicts a harder edge in her word choice and imagery. You might want to have a towel ready, she really knows how to get things flowing.

(Flash and) Fleur Friday No. 15 by F. Leonora Solomon (@fdotleonora) – Flash fiction
Not only is this author the hostess (with the ‘mostess’) for Friday Flash, she’s also the writer of this steamy, erotic installment that reads like an sexy soap opera each week. (*Cues Nadia’s Theme *) Tune in next week to see if Terrance and Jeanne finally get it on. Now a word from our sponsor…

Leporine by The Library of Nell – Flash fiction
I love when a story leaves me a bit speechless, and this one did—due in part to the delicate, fairy tale-like treatment of a story with blatant eroticism and D/s undertones. (Who doesn’t want the ‘prince’ to  show his animalistic side in the sack?!) This story was handled with such grace and was still sexy AF. I’ve since regained my words…but can’t wait to lose them again when I re-read this.

Lovers in the Lavender by Luv Bunny (@luvbunnysl82– Flash fiction
This author is new to the Friday Flash line-up, but her work is definitely up to snuff. One can imagine the air smelling of lavender (and other things) as a couple enjoy a lusty ‘picnic’ under the stars…with nary a thought to bringing along a basket of food.

Rabbit Ears by missy (@5ubmissy– Flash fiction
I’d never heard of a ‘Gangsters and Bunny’ themed party, but now I hope to someday be invited to one, like the central character in this story. It just goes to show—it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. And, this author did a great job of characterizing the inner conflict between a kinky woman’s lusty secrets and her need to fit in with the ‘vanilla’ crowd. This was quite the sexy tail…I mean, tale.

I Love My Hutch by Scanderella (@ella_scandal– Flash fiction
‘Fucking like bunnies’ takes on a literal meaning in this anthropomorphic bit of flash fiction with blatant D/s overtones. This was so well written on so many different levels—not to mention—it was just a brilliant use of the prompt. I loved the detail. I loved the suspense. I loved the implied ‘stick’, and the actual carrot. This story was well-executed by one clever writer.

Erotic Photography

Just a few things that caught my eye on my Twitter feed. But, really, I could stare at these kinds of images all day.


The erotic images shown were taken from my Twitter feed ► [a] source: mencanfail (@mencanfail); [b] source: Elle (@Petit___Rien); [c] source: Jay (@Sadistic_Doc); [d] & [e] source: mencanfail (@mencanfail); [f] source: Antinomian (@njeastman); [g] source: yşe yeter (@yeter_aysem); and [h] source: LookNorth (@alNortedelaLuna).

Eroticism in Art

Artist: Pachu M. Torres | Image Source: @pachumtorres

Pachu M. Torres is a digital illustrator who lives and works in Galicia, Spain. One look at the body of work he’s created, and it’s not surprising that he has won several awards in his native country as well as worked with several well-known national publications in the United States. His work is evocative, colorful, and riveting. Click here to see more of his erotic art.

Where I ‘Smutted’ This Week

Masturbation Monday (#MasturbationMonday)
Hands-On Submission 

Friday Flash (#FriFlash)
Two Fingers

Story-In-12 (#StoryIn12)
drive | mean-1  | mean-2

3-in-One Stories (#3in1Stories)
Mimes of Passions = violation, drive, courtship (below)


Do you like what you see?

Curating is fun. But, as with any endeavor, feedback is always welcome.
Leave a comment below, and let me know what you thought of his post!



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