Provocative Picks for #SoSS – Sept. 29

This post contains graphic images that are not safe for work (NSFW) and unsuitable for anyone under the age of eighteen.


Week in Review

Due to my freelance workload (really, I’m not complaining!), my Provocative Picks list will be shorter than normal, but hopefully just as sweet. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time looking for sexy lines and erotic images this week. However, I did manage to scrape together a few links that I’m sure you’ll find very titillating.

Looking for a place to write micro or flash fiction this week?

Lewd Lines and Prompted Prose

Signs by Kilted Wookie (@Kilted_Wookie) – Flash fiction
As someone who prefers to dwell on the dominant side of the D/s dynamic, this bit of BDSM erotica makes me wonder if I might be missing out. This short flash work is not only evocative, but full of the kind of imagery that makes you think you are reliving a memory as you read along. Fans of the kink and/or genre will like how this stings.

Cake  by Zebra Rose (@ZebraRoseSub) Flash fiction
It’s not often in life that one gets to have one’s cake and eat it to. However, Ms. Rose pulls it off wonderfully in her portrayal of a submissive woman who just can’t resist temptation. The pace and characterization of his hot little BDSM tale will delight any kinkster’s palate and is great read for cake fans…as well as those with a special kind of sweet tooth.

Erotic Photography


The erotic images shown were taken from my Twitter feed ► [a] & [b] source: Antinomian (@njeastman); [c] source: Psycoletta (@96_Nicoletta_G); and [d] The Other Me (@The_Other_me_9).

Eroticism in Art

Artist: Gustav Klimt,  Danaë, Oil on canvas, 1907 | Image Source: @restot50

Gustav Klimt
(b. Jul 14, 1862 – d. Feb 06, 1918) was an Austrian Symbolist painter whose distinct artistic style was heavily influence by Japanese art and its respective techniques. He is known for instilling blatant eroticism in his work, particularly as it pertains to the feminine form.

In this depiction of the Greek princess Danaë, Zeus is represented in the form of a ‘golden shower’ that has conveniently found its way between her legs and is responsible for her state of arousal. (According to Greek mythology, a hero by the name of Perseus was born as a result of this ‘wet’ visit.)  Click here to see more of Klimt’s art.

This painting was brought to my attention by the Twitter timeline of Restot (@restot50).

Where I ‘Smutted’ This Week

Masturbation Monday / Friday Flash

Story-In-12 (#StoryIn12)
begin | subject

3-in-One Stories (#3in1Stories)
Newly Converted = aid, murder, frozen

Did you like what you saw?

Curating is fun. But, as with any endeavor, feedback is always welcome.
Leave a comment below, and let me know what you thought of his post!




3 thoughts on “Provocative Picks for #SoSS – Sept. 29

  1. I enjoy having curated smut. But this eats up my Sunday mornings! It is amazing how one post leads to another. Before I know it, bang! It lunch time and all I have done is look at high quality pornographic musings all morning! By which I mean: thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome to my world! It’s a daily toil and arduous work seeking out so much smut. Sorry to waste so much of your time (by which I mean, ‘the pleasure is all mine!’).


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