Provocative Picks for #SoSS – Oct. 6

This post contains graphic images that are not safe for work (NSFW) and unsuitable for anyone under the age of eighteen.


Week in Review

My Provocative Picks list is short again…and likely will be for a while as I prep for NaNoWriMo this month, only to begin writing feverishly in November. So, when I can, I’ll do my best to highlight at least a few of the hardworking writers out there churning out some really sexy smut!

As Ms. F. Leonora has been gracious enough to allow me to choose the image/prompt for the “Worth the Wait” micro/flash fiction challenge at Friday Flash (#25), it seems logical to focus my attention on a few of the stories posted to that collection this week. I wish I had time to showcase them all. (Everyone did such an amazing job of ‘coming up short’!) However, here are some great lines by a few writers who participated.

Check out the micro-fiction at Friday Flash, click the graphic to read more!

Lewd Lines and Prompted Prose

Watch Him by kisungura () – Micro fiction (55 words)
Yes, yes, yes! This is 55-word magic, a short erotic tale that is as complete as it is short. Still, it captures the carnality of the situation at hand perfectly, as well as ties in beautifully with the image prompt. Reading between the lines, one can extrapolate the power dynamics behind the participants who are engaging in this moment of unabashed lust. You don’t need many words to tell an amazing story when you write like this. 

What the Gardener Saw by May More (@more_matters) – Flash fiction (300 words)
This story had me at ‘lay down naked’, but really…what’s not to like about a hot wank on a hot afternoon. But then, she added in a ‘peeping-gardener…and now I’m suddenly riveted to every gesture, every implication of movement in their naughty byplay. Having already written the Gardener’s perspective of this sexy scenario, Ms. More lived up to her name while creating the perfect ‘he wanked/she wanked’ combo.

Did you miss me? by Cara Thereon () Flash fiction (Series, 500 words)
I’m going to have to find time to go back and read all of the previous posts containing bits of Ms. Thereon’s naughty thriller series, which currently ends with this installment. Even without reading the others, I got a good sense of the main character and a feel for the ominous situations to follow. I’m a sucker for a suspenseful story featuring a bad-ass woman with a gun, but throw in implications of an charismatic serial killer on the loose… Well, let’s just say…I can’t wait to find out who catches whom.

Erotic Photography


The erotic images shown were taken from my Twitter feed ► [a] source: Saucy Jack (@SaucyJack69); [b] source: Kitten’s Playground (@Mi55K1tty); [c] source: Valentyna Holloway (@ValentyneDreams); and [d] Clarissa O. Clemens (@ClarissaClemens).

Eroticism in Art

Artist: Jean-Pierre Ceytaire | Image Source:  

Jean-Pierre Ceytaire (b. 1946) is a French artist who is both a sculptor and a painter. Though the majority of his works contain erotic motifs, religious and pagan symbolism are other elements featured heavily in his work.

Personally, I was drawn to the highly erotic themes in his paintings, his organic use of line to compliment his stylized portrayal of the human form, and his blatant depiction of fetishism (such as this sexualized representation of hosiery). It’s as if  his subjects were on the verge of engaging in some lascivious activity. His work is bold and unabashed, which is exactly why I adore it. To see an informal collection of his work, click here.

This painting was brought to my attention on Biblio Curiosa’s (@Bibliocuriosa) Twitter timeline.

Where I ‘Smutted’ This Week

Masturbation Monday
Succubus Unbound

Friday Flash
His Favorite Girl

Alphabet Haiku Challenge
Letter ‘N’

Story-In-12 (#StoryIn12)
student | square | direct

Did you like what you saw?

Curating is fun. But, as with any endeavor, feedback is always welcome.
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