Provocative Picks for #SoSS – Oct. 13

This post contains graphic images that are not safe for work (NSFW) and unsuitable for anyone under the age of eighteen.


Week in Review

It’s been another busy week, which means another ‘short and sweet’ #SoSS post. (This seems to be my new norm!) My Provocative Picks will highlight only a drop within the overflowing bucket of luscious lasciviousness to be found on the ‘net, but I hope it’s enough to whet your appetite to go out and seek more!

Lewd Lines and Prompted Prose

Forever by Anne Stagg () – Flash fiction
It’s always wonderful to encounter a new ‘voice’ on the writing challenge memes, and Ms. Stagg’s story does not disappoint. Her story has all the elements of a sexy fairy tale— an amphibious monster, star-crossed lovers, a magic potion—yet with a couple little twists that you might not expect (which are the best kinds of twists, in my opinion). Her inclusive approach to erotica is both sexy and romantic…and like a true fairy tale, has a happy ending. I look forward to reading more of her work.

We Asked Women To Share Exactly What They Do To Orgasm by Brittany Wong
(@binnywong ) Non-fiction article
This is such a sexpositive post, I simply had to share it! So, I’m more of a fiction writer than a sex blogger; however, for those who read my TMI Tuesdays posts— particular the one where I wrote extensively in answer to a question about my early experience with masturbation/orgasms—you know I’m never at a loss for words on that topic. The female orgasm is one of those subjects that just doesn’t get written about enough. This article goes beyond that…with interviews from real women who describe exactly how they get off. Not only is it educational, it’s insightful…and must read for anyone whose sexual preference includes cis women.

 Erotic Photography


The erotic images shown were taken from my Twitter feed ► [a] & [b] source: Psycoletta (@96_Nicoletta_G) | respective photographers: Kat Irlin / Roza Sampolinska; [c] source: Antinomian (@njeastman); and [d] mencanfail (@mencanfail).

Eroticism in Art

Artist: Lulu Amere | Image Source: @SakuranboDaruma 

Lulu Amere (Laure Muel, b. 1966) is a French artist who currently resides in the south of France. The daughter of is both a sculptor (father) and a painter (mother), her body of work is a reflection of both mediums. Her bright, whimsical color palette has a childlike quality that contrasts with the sensuality depicted in many of her pieces. However, in the image above, there’s no denying the eroticism this depiction of a woman enjoying a bit of rope-play. To see more of her work, visit her website.

This artist was brought to my attention on Sakuranbo Daruma’s (@SakuranboDaruma) Twitter timeline.

Where I ‘Smutted’ This Week

Friday Flash

(Naughty) Haiku Challenges *
Letter ‘O’

Story-In-12 (#StoryIn12)

*These writing challenges are created for mainstream poetry; however, my smutty poetry has been graciously tolerated…so far. 😜

Did you like what you saw?

Curating is fun. But, as with any endeavor, feedback is always welcome.
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