Micro-Fiction: Shelly

Wow…it’s been a while since I’ve participated at Masturbation Monday (#253) . However, the lovely image—provided by a frequent ‘tweeter’ I follow who goes by The Other Me —held so much story potential. I went with the first thought that came to mind. How fitting that it happened to be a ‘tongue twister’. (Check out the image to get the joke!) I hope you enjoy my little naughty ‘drabble’.


She sold her seashell by the seashore, a decision resulting from her husband’s boat never returning to dock. Her prized possession was her milky-white conch whose large, pink interior was fingered often and filled with brine by the many sailors who came to port.

Her husband resented her shell, forced by manliness to never acknowledge how he’d wished a shell of his own. His cruelty grated as he insisted hers was worth a dime a dozen. Yet, her wares brought in much more bounty than his fishing boat ever did…which is why she made sure it capsized at sea. ■

(100 words)


Beatrix_B | The Pink Seam © 2019

Masturbation Monday is a long-standing, weekly writing meme hosted by Kayla Lords.  Want to join in and share your smutty tales and sexy perspectives? Read the rules here!


24 thoughts on “Micro-Fiction: Shelly

  1. Very impressive how you were able to say so much with so little words! Lovely and tale with a lot of depth and wittiness in the use of words!

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