50-Word Stories: ‘Missionary’s Position’

Sharing micro-fiction stories, current and past, written for a Literotica forum thread.


Missionary’s Position

The missionary blushed as one phallic appendage after the other pumped into the wet slits of nearby trees. Leading a congregation of aliens was challenging, but food and religion seemed universal to all lifeforms. Apparently, these beings used a different means to harvest the manna-like substance from their planet’s vegetation.

■ Required words = bold


2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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19 thoughts on “50-Word Stories: ‘Missionary’s Position’

  1. Bending genres! Awesome stuff! 😀

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    1. Glad you liked it! I’m always happy to work in some SciFi if I can!


      1. It would be so awesome if you could run a common theme..but bend erotics with different genres on the same theme! 😀
        Would love to see it if you make it happen! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That sounds intriguing…but I’m not sure I understand exactly.

        Do you mean have theme for, say, a week or something, Then write different erotic stories in different genres that pertain to that theme? Also, would the theme be based on a word, an emotion, a image, etc.?

        I’ve done that several times before with 50- to 55-word stories, though only a couple times on this blog.


      3. Yes! You got that right! 😀
        Oh, where do I find these themed stories?

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      4. Here’s one —> https://wp.me/p9WS6d-54

        There’s one more, but I can’t remember the other prompt I wrote multiple stories for.


      5. These were great! 😀
        The common photo theme is fun to explore! 🙂


  2. Interesting story, kind of a scary beginning to an alien takeover story.

    I thought 50 word stories was a meme of yours, but I’m thinking it is a twitter thing now as I can’t find it. I remember doing 12wordstories when I was on twitter. I thought the prompt was ‘missionary’s position’ but as I investigate I’m thinking different. You forgot to put the prompt words in bold. I saw your other 50 word story had bold prompt words. I know you love 55 word stories, is this your deal or someone elses?

    Anyway, B, I wrote a story, I’ll link back to this.

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    1. The 50-word stories are inspired by 3-word prompts from a Literorica(.com) writing thread. I have added the emboldened text now. Sorry for the oversight.

      55-word stories are a ‘standard’ word count requested by most micro-fiction publishers and contests. So, when I’m submitting work, I tend to follow that suggest word count, but really you can choose any arbitrary number under 100 for a story to be considered a micro.

      I didn’t see/find the link to your story! I’d love to read it.


      1. I do know that about micro. And don’t we just love to write it? I didn’t publish my story because I wanted to find the source of the prompt. I went to Literorica and could not find the link to 55 word story prompts. It is kind of a confusing site, sort of a jumbled mess. But I may have not navigated it correctly. I thought I had your email, sorry to put so much here. Now I’m going to go see what the bold words are. I’ll publish my story. Let me know what you think.


      2. Yeah, Literotica can be hard to navigate. The thread is under ‘Sexual Role Play’. But, everyone doesn’t write a story using the same 3-word prompts.

        The last person to post picks the three words the next person has to use. So, it’s never the same words anyway.

        Of course…I could give you 3 random words to use, if you like. 😀


      3. ah ha, well done, I wondered what the words were.

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      4. The words are often ridiculous and require a bit of creativity to come up with something that works…and is sexual. However, I’ve been writing on that prompt for 2 years (as of yesterday). I kind of have a process down now.


      5. Here you go… thanks for the inspiration… I wrote one for Leonora tot… https://thelifeofelliottandallthatjizz.com/2019/08/31/missionarys-position/

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      6. Good job! I liked the ‘kicker’ at the end!

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      7. Do you link back to Literotica or just use the prompt. I couldn’t find it on that page, there is so much going on. Yes, I just read your latest and it seems there is one that will mess up the rest. But then, there’s the challenge. Did you see my turtle story?


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