50-Word Stories: ‘Missionary’s Position’

Sharing micro-fiction stories, current and past, written for a Literotica forum thread.


Missionary’s Position

The missionary blushed as one phallic appendage after the other pumped into the wet slits of nearby trees. Leading a congregation of aliens was challenging, but food and religion seemed universal to all lifeforms. Apparently, these beings used a different means to harvest the manna-like substance from their planet’s vegetation.

■ Required words = bold


2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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19 thoughts on “50-Word Stories: ‘Missionary’s Position’

  1. Interesting story, kind of a scary beginning to an alien takeover story.

    I thought 50 word stories was a meme of yours, but I’m thinking it is a twitter thing now as I can’t find it. I remember doing 12wordstories when I was on twitter. I thought the prompt was ‘missionary’s position’ but as I investigate I’m thinking different. You forgot to put the prompt words in bold. I saw your other 50 word story had bold prompt words. I know you love 55 word stories, is this your deal or someone elses?

    Anyway, B, I wrote a story, I’ll link back to this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The 50-word stories are inspired by 3-word prompts from a Literorica(.com) writing thread. I have added the emboldened text now. Sorry for the oversight.

      55-word stories are a ‘standard’ word count requested by most micro-fiction publishers and contests. So, when I’m submitting work, I tend to follow that suggest word count, but really you can choose any arbitrary number under 100 for a story to be considered a micro.

      I didn’t see/find the link to your story! I’d love to read it.


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