A Cuckold’s Christmas Carol

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Masturbation Monday (#276)! Well, perhaps the naughty version of it, if this week’s prompt—featuring ‘Little Gem’ from the website Purple’s Gem—is any indication. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this little tale/tail of Christmas cheer for one and all. 😉 ~ B.


That first winter that Carol grew antlers, my marriage—and the life I’d lived as the ‘head of household’—took a big nose-dive. But as my nose ended up in some very interesting places, when all was said and one, it all wasn’t necessarily a bad thing…or so I was to learn.

From the moment those cervine bones emerged from my wife’s long brunette waves, she developed a foul temper that seemed to be directed specifically at me. I had to start wearing turtlenecks and long-sleeve shirts, the ones Carol laughed at me for bringing with us when we moved to California from New York. I could explain away new bruises by saying I’d taken up rugby. But, the bite marks were another thing altogether.

Then there was the endless fucking. It was as if she were in rut season the second Christmas merchandise hit the stores. It got to the point that I couldn’t even get hard for her anymore. Not because I didn’t find her attractive; she was even more stunning and vivacious than I’d ever know her to be. But, she’d managed to wear me out, which brought on the cruel taunts and nicknames as well as her making fun of me in front of my friends.

“If you can’t use it to fuck me, I might as well lock up that useless dick of yours, Tiny Tim,” she said, turning my name into a joke. God, the humiliation was unbearable, especially when she started seeking out my friends and coworkers to satisfy her insatiable need for sex.

I’ll admit…I didn’t take it well in the beginning. Carol would fuck anyone who would so much as wished her ‘Happy Holidays’. Still, I have to admit…it was a bit of a relief when I didn’t have to satisfy her anymore. Her ferocious temper eventually transformed into a voracious hunger for sex…that she’d turn to others to fill her up.

It was difficult not to watch her spread her legs and share her special brand of Christmas cheer with one and all—mainly because it made me so hard to watch her do it. She insisted that I watch her take cock after cock inside her, after posting ads for gang-bangs on various sex sites. Before long, I developed a taste for it, learned to hunger—not cry—over the freshly spilled milk that would leak down her legs afterwards.

Then…she grew a tail…as if the antlers weren’t enough. This tail wasn’t like the tails on the end of the butt plugs I used to insist she wear years ago for me when playing as my pet ‘Kitty’ or ‘Bunny’. No, her tail was firmer, like a fur-covered, meaty bone, which she’d stroke like a dick when she was really turned on.

I can’t tell you how many times I’d find her showing it off to strangers or letting any curious hand up her skirt to touch it. She even stopped wearing panties so that she could flash it at will in public, then would laugh at my mortification.

Many came from far and wide to marvel at her tail. She became known as the Rein-Domme in certain smutty circles, which she enjoyed, as she got off on her new popularity. She was often the center of attention at all the festive parties we threw each year for swingers, gangbangs, and orgies—all of which I wasn’t allowed to join in. On those evenings, she’d look like a dirty little angel, sitting low in her favorite chair before our fireplace—exposing all of her fur-trimmed holes for all to see—and would make herself come over and over by jerking her tail as she fingered herself in a glorious fashion that would end in wonderous applause by those who were waiting their turn to warm their chestnuts.

Looking back, It was funny how I never used to like the holidays. But now, that time of year has new meaning for me. I can’t wait for Carol’s antlers to re-emerge and for her gang-bangs to grow even bigger than the year before. In anticipation for the exciting winter months ahead, I couldn’t help thinking, God bless us…and everyone who comes. ■

(707 words)


Beatrix_B | The Pink Seam © 2019

Masturbation Monday is a long-standing, weekly writing meme hosted by Kayla Lords.  Want to join in and share your smutty tales and sexy perspectives? Read the rules here!


7 thoughts on “A Cuckold’s Christmas Carol

  1. Now that was a Christmas Carol. Best thing about women with antlers, other than natures steering wheel, is just about everything else. Glad your imagination is in festive overdrive for the season. Bravo BB.

    Liked by 1 person

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