TMI Tuesday: The Christmas Edition

All right. I’m getting back on track with this entry for the TMITuesdayBlog,
December 17, 2019 edition. But, the questions are about Christmas, so don’t expect much. Wanna join in? Read the info below this post to find out how. 


1. Have you ever kissed someone under mistletoe?

ANSWER: No. But, I am still holding out hope that I will someday. It just sounds so romantic. However, I’ll admit…oral sex under mistletoe would be lot more entertaining. 

2. Eggnog or hot chocolate?

ANSWER: Eggnog. Don’t get me wrong, hot chocolate is delicious too…and wins only by a hair. I love them both, really. But, eggnog is so…thick and creamy and tasty!

(Okay, that last bit came out a bit more suggestive than intended. But, oh well.)

3. Colored or white lights on a Christmas tree?

ANSWER: White lights. I’m not a fan of multicolored strings of light. I don’t mind color lights…if they are all the same color. But, white lights just make a tree seem more elegant, in my opinion.

4. Real or fake Christmas tree?

ANSWER: Fake. Easy to put up. Easy to take down. Easy to put in a box and store in one’s basement for years.

5. What tops your Christmas tree?

ANSWER: A femdom Christmas angel. Duh! 

6. Candy canes, yuck or yum?

ANSWER: Yum. They have all kinds of flavors for candy canes now. I prefer the non-traditional flavors that taste like fruity candy. 

7. What is your favorite holiday dessert?

ANSWER: Ice cream. This is my favorite dessert regardless of the time of year. However, I won’t turn down iced sugar or gingerbread cookies either. 

BONUS: Are you going on holiday during the December holiday season? Where?

ANSWER: Nope, I’ll be staying home. I do happen to have a standing offer to go to Europe every Christmas. But, that entails traveling with my ex and having to spend the holidays with his family—of whom I’m not overly fond.

So, the fact that I turn down a 2-week European vacation every year should tell anyone reading this how badly I want nothing to do with my ex and his family. Christmas cheer or not.


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3 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: The Christmas Edition

  1. Your answer to #4 struck me as a bit serial killerish, but the holidays do tend bring out the stranger sides in all of us. (ROFL) Off to talk to my therapist about projection and how amused I am with myself. #yikes

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