Provocative Picks: #SoSS – Dec. 21, 2019


It’s been a while…

Greetings, my erotically-inclined writers, bloggers, and readers!

It’s been a crazy year…and sadly my Provocative Picks had to fall to the wayside as I struggled to find a healthier work/life/play balance. Still, reading and writing erotica has been— and will always be—near and dear to my heart…as is supporting all the great sex-bloggers and erotica writers who find a way to grind out content on a consistent basis.

May this be the year I join their ranks!

Either way, I’m happy to be back in the saddle…albeit on a slower horse. Haha!


Lewd Lines and Prompted Prose

Having my way with you by Violet Grey (@v_greyauthor) – Flash fiction
I enjoyed so much about this bit of erotica, being that it’s a genre of erotica that I appreciate reading the most. I mean, what’s not to like about a woman lubing up a guy and having her way with him?! Still, the pacing was great and the sex was hot. It was a great set-up for a perfectly sexy D/s scenario. If you read carefully, you can almost hear the ‘squelching’ sound of lube on flesh. 

For My True Love by Ria Restrepo (@RiaRestrepo)Flash fiction
I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of Christmas music, though I do have a few favs—but ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ is definitely one of them. Then to see it used to inspire such a raunchy bit of erotic flash fiction, as was the case here, well…that’s just icing on the fruitcake. This is the kind of erotica that makes one want to go out and perform similar sex acts that are likely to land one on Santa’s ‘naughty list’. Best of all, the ending is just so frickin’ clever. Makes me wish I’d thought to use it…or use “that list” as a gift for someone equally naughty. Who know…I might still.

Erotic Photography *


* See the original images by clicking the links here ► [a] source: restot (@restot50) | photographer: Hans Breder; [b] source: Jeff (@ForHerPleasure); [c] source: UP ALL NIGHT (@neversleeps29); and [d] source: @Scarlet-musings (@ScarletMusings).

Eroticism in Art

Digital Image by Sardax

It’s not a coincidence that the subject of milking seems to come up a lot in the online circles in which I linger and lurk. However, recently, a fellow enthusiast introduced me to the amazing work of a London-based artist who goes by the name Sardax. His comic book style of drawing—combined with is love of the Femdom subgenre, often set in Sci-Fi/dystopian settings—ensures I’ll be following his website from now on. Now, you can too! Check him out at his website ( or on Twitter (@sardax).

Where I ‘Smutted’ This Week

Story-In-12 (micro-fiction)
gun/papergun/avenue | wet | yell | villain

50-Word Stories
Bad Karma (micro-fiction)

Masturbation Monday
Inked Submission (flash fiction)

TMI Tuesday (December 17, 2019)
The Christmas Edition (NSFW random Q & A)

Did you like what you saw?

Curating smut is fun. But, as with any endeavor, feedback is always welcome. Leave a comment below, and let me know what you thought of his post!

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