Micro-Fiction: ‘Doting Discipline’

This 100-word micro story was inspired by a Wordle writing prompt, as coined by its creator, Brenda Warren. Here’s my smutty take on a recent 12-word prompt. 


Prompt source: Wordle #446

Doting Discipline

Allison counted her blessings that Sir decided she’d had enough, despite enjoying the way each stinging smack could make her sing his praises.

She didn’t panic when he’d tell her to kneel on the floor and assume the position. She knew what to expect. He’d rip off her panties, lift her hips the way he liked, then lay into her with the resolve of a flu virus ravaging an nursing home.

Seeing things from his point of view, it had to be a turn-on to be a 40-year-old, spanking the smooth ass of a partner twenty years his junior. ■

(100 words)


2020 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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