TMI Tuesday: Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

I’m back for another TMITuesdayBlog Q&A post (April 21, 2020). Did you miss me? As always, I may be answering questions about sex and life in general. Wanna join in? Read the info below this post to find out how. 


1. Do you like pain?

ANSWER: No, I do not. The closest I ever get to liking pain is the moment after I’ve finished a tough workout. Otherwise, this is the only ‘pain’ that gives me pleasure. 😁

2. Would you say you have a high or low tolerance for pain?

ANSWER: I have a high pain tolerance. I tend to not to need pain meds in situations where most people would be in total agony. For example: I was in labor for 2 days without pain meds, rarely need pain meds after surgeries, and have endured the rupturing of my appendix (for 24 hours) after being misdiagnosed by a doctor who mistook my appendicitis for a urinary track infection (because I wasn’t in the usual amount of pain).

3. True or false: I like to receive pain during sex.

ANSWER: False. I do NOT like to receive pain of any kind during sex. 

4. Finish the sentence: I like inflicting pain during sex because . . .

ANSWER: Well…that’s a leading question… if ever there was one! I’m not especially into ‘inflicting’ pain during sex. I’m more the type to likes to make one endure the agony of being sexually teased until the point of begging or drooling. Pain is rarely a focus for me. Discomfort, yes. But, pain…not so much. Still, I’m not opposed to a little ‘slap and tickle’ if my partner enjoys that kind of thing,

5. What’s your preference? Why? (You must pick one)

a. Wearing nipple clamps for 8 hours
b. Receiving 20 minute spanking session using hands and paddle
c. Getting your cock & balls smacked (only those who have testicles can pick this)
d. Heavy flogging
e. None of the above

ANSWER: (E.) None of the above. I’m a female dominant and have no interest in any interest in experiencing any of the kink-play listed. (Sorry. Not sorry.)

BONUS: What is the best thing that a woman can do to you in bed?

ANSWER: Bring me breakfast?! Again, this is another ‘leading question’. I’ll admit..I am a bit bi-curious. But, I’m not attracted to women sexually. (I know…it’s a conundrum that plagues me, too.) So, I’d only consider doing anything sexual in bed with a woman if I had a male partner who was open to threesomes. 

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your web space (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to TMITuesdayBlog from your website!


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