TMI Tuesday: Ain’t Misbehavin’

It’s time for another TMITuesdayBlog Q&A (May 12, 2020). Below are my answers to questions about sex, life, and anything in between. Wanna join in? Read the info below this post to find out how. 


1. How replaceable are you?

ANSWER: Not very…within my paradigm. I’m a single-parent who’s self-employed. So, the only person who does my mom-job and work-job is me. But, then, everyone thinks that about themselves. It just depends on who you are talking to and the context being discussed.

2. Does jealously have value in driving humans to improve themselves or is it a purely negative emotion?

ANSWER: No. I think jealously—or any other negative emotion, for that matter—that results in someone thinking less of themselves within the context of comparison (not being enough, not having enough, etc.) is a toxic precept. If jealousy is at the root of someone’s motivations, that’s not a good thing. I don’t care how far it pushes them or seems to ‘improve’ his or her life.

A section of your life’s memories needs to be erased, which era will you elect to have erased?

A. childhood memories – age 3 to 12
B. teen and young adult years – age 13 to 23
C. adult – age 24 to 35

ANSWER: (A) Childhood memories. Personally, I’d not want to erase any of my life’s memories. However, in the terms of the areas of living that serve an important purpose in my current life and work (e.g., my high-school/college education and early work experience), it seems that losing childhood memories would have the least impact on my being able to earn a good living and support myself and my kiddo.

4. With no laws or rules to influence your behavior, how do you think you would behave?

ANSWER: I think I’d behave as I do now. Rules are a human necessity…if we don’t want to live in a society that resembles Lord of the Flies.

Of course, if there were no laws or rules to influence our behavior—dating back from birth to adulthood—the human race would likely cease to exist…as there would be nothing in place to protect children, women, minorities, and other marginalized people from being abused/persecuted to death. Those of privilege would actually have to do the work they are too ‘special’ to perform. But, not knowing how, they too would die…from lack of food, clean water, or exposure to elements.

5. Does anonymity encourage people to misbehave or does it reveal how people would choose to act all the time if they could?

ANSWER: For some, it’s both. For others, it has no bearing. I think everyone is who they are, regardless of how they act when anonymous or not. Integrity, maturity, and emotional intelligence are the attributes that shape our actions in life. Those elements within my character are what ensure that I am the same person whether my identity is known or not.

BONUS: In the time of coronavirus pandemic, what are you rocking–homemade face covering or manufactured mask?

ANSWER: Rockin’ homemade face masks. ends on the situation. Purple leopard print ones…to be exact!

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your web space (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to TMITuesdayBlog from your website!


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