WORDLE Micro-Fiction: ‘Before the Big One’

This 100-word micro story was inspired by a Wordle writing prompt, as coined by its creator, Brenda Warren. Here’s my erotic spin on a recent 12-word prompt. 

the big one3

Prompt source: Wordle #540

Before the Big One

Death trails a finger down my breastbone. The tick of an unseen clock accompanies the goosebumps that rise in his wake as he reaches the gate of hedonistic delights nestled inside my lacy panties. He has all the time in the world. But I don’t. I bask in the last sunset of my fairy tale.

Rendered still as stone, he brings me to arousal’s limit, not allowing me to finish. I’m just a puppet on his all-powerful string. Ever a heartbeat away from the end, he finally allows my pleasure to spill over . . . a ‘little death’ before the big one.

(100 words)


2022 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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