TMI Tuesday: “It Is What It Is”

It time to crank up another Q&A for the TMITuesdayBlog (for March 1, 2022). As always, I may be answering questions about sex and life in general. Wanna join in? Read the info below this post to find out how. 


1. Covid dating behavior:

Are you choosier?
Are you less choosy?
Are you more frank and up front about what you want?

ANSWER: I’ve always been quite choosy and upfront when it comes to dating. So, Covid hasn’t changed that. If anything, I’m even more choosy and upfront in that situation. If someone has different opinions about how they choose to go about dealing with the Covid than I do, then I’m definitely going to take a hard pass.

2. What is stable in your life?

Answer ‘Yes or No’ . . . as in “yes, this is stable” or “no, this is not stable.” (Elaborate if you wish.)
. . . . . .

✼ Job = YES, this is stable. I’m self-employed and am good at adapting to find work.

Finances = YES, this is stable . Because . . . (see above).

Romantic relationship = YES, this is table. I’d not say this aspect of my life is 100% the way I want it. But, it’s definitely stable. And I’m happy with that . . . for now. 

Economy of your country = NO, this is not stable. I don’t know that any country’s economy can say it’s ‘stable’. At some point, people are going to realize that everything that happens in the world often has an impact on other countries around the world . . . either in a small way or a big way. And except in a few situations, a wave in one country has some kind of ripple effect and is felt all over the world. 

Mental health = YES, this is stable. I make a point to cut out toxic or problematic people and situations out of my life. That has contributed significantly to my mental health stability.

Physical health = YES, this is stable . . . as in, I am experiencing the stable decline of body function and cell regeneration resulting from the aging process. Haha!

3. Have you lived in a different country than the one you were born? Did you have to learn the language?

ANSWER: Yes, I have. It was quite the experience. I hope to do it again. And, yes, I did learn the language. There is nothing more scary than being a functionally illiterate adult in a foreign country. I was very motivated to not remain that way.

4. Can you speak any other languages?

ANSWER: Yes, I can speak many languages other than English. However, if by ‘speak’ one means ‘have fluency in a foreign language’, then I can realistically say that I only speak one foreign language, which is Spanish. However, I studied a different foreign language for years in high school and college. The fluency in that language returns easily with practice. But, I have the opportunity to use/hear Spanish more often in the part of the US I live in . . . so those language skills tend to stay in use.

In case you are wondering, I know how to say a few words and phrases in Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian, Galician/Gallego, Catalan, and Portuguese.

5. How do you manage your fears?

ANSWER: By keeping them in perspective. Some fears are rational and some are not. Some fears are imminent and some are not. Having a good grasp on which are which — and taking steps to avoid and/or manage the situations that cause them — makes all the difference.

BONUS: What would you pick to add to your coffee, Baileys, Amaretto, or Whisky/Whiskey?

ANSWER: Absolutely none of the above. I don’t drink coffee . . . and I rarely drink alcohol. (Though Baileys looks like it would taste delicious with ice cream. I’d be down for trying a spoonful of a Baileys ice cream float.) 


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