Writing as a Smut Marathoner – Round 4

It’s time to share the results of Round 4 of the 2020 Smut Marathon. Below you’ll find a few details and insights about that round’s assignment as well as dates for the next round.


Now that Round 5 is in progress, read on to see what I wrote and how I fared for Round 4…or click the link(s) below to read my entries for past rounds.

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Round 4 Assignment – A Story Featuring Dancing

For the fourth round of the Smut Marathon, writers were asked to draft an erotic story comprised of 275 to 325 words, but that also featured dancing.

My entry for this round was listed as #45 and is shown below:

Tera-Bitten Tango

Dex hates not having control. Still, he sets his sync-ware to scan for Tera’s signal — her siren’s song.

Come to me. I’ll take care of you. Protect you…*

Her words resonate across a pirated frequency, flooding his biosensors with erotic, electrical impulses that harden his cock. His biomechatronic legs set out in search of her, traversing backstreets awash with neon. Sector loudspeakers blare curfew warnings as if fighting for sensory dominance over the scent of decay and prevalence of dejection. But, hell if he’s stopping.

Stepping inside the club, the music hits him like a wave. It blasts him back then pulls him towards the empty seat at the front of the stage. Tera’s dancing now, her cybernetic limbs cutting gracefully through sound and space like scissors as she moves in time with the binaural beat.

The smell of her, sweet and pungent, fills the air as she thrusts her naked sex towards the patrons. She wears a crotchless bodysuit to entice the crowd. His cum has stained the shiny latex numerous times, but he doesn’t need such gimmicks. Just the wet, whirring sounds from her vaginal conduit is enough to make him desperate. He pulls his erection free of his standard-issue uniform and begins to stroke its length.

I’ll catch you. Destroy all that is keeping you back. And then I’ll nurse you…

He ignores those laughing at his eagerness. Soon, their humor becomes disbelief when she carefully lowers herself from the stage to straddle his hips. With Tera impaled upon him, he grinds in a frenzy until she takes control and sets the tempo. Resting her forehead on his, she closes the circuit — connecting flesh, bone, and electronics.

Dex knows she’s exploiting a software glitch, accessing the fuck out of his hard drive until her backdoor upload is complete. But, hell if he’s stopping.

*Italicized lyrics by Bjork Gudmundsdottir | “Come to Me” from the album Debut (1993)

My Thought Process

I wrote several drafts for this round.

At first, I drew a bit of a blank on how I wanted to incorporate dancing into an erotic storyline. Using a stripper or exotic dancing as one of the characters seemed an obvious choice—and likely one many other marathoners would use. But, no ideas are bad when brainstorming. So, I allowed my creative process free reign to see if I might uncover an original angle.

I settled on using a couple of randomly chosen, drastically different songs to act as my inspiration. I ended up creating 2 workable ideas. From there, I drafted about 4 or 5 differing outlines that featured dancing in some manner.


Though I liked several of my outlines, all but two required more words than the allotted word count requirement to tell the story to my satisfaction. I tweaked the two workable outlines, making one a crime/horror story (just for the hell of it) and taking the other into a more dystopian/cyberpunk direction.

Never having attempted a cyberpunk story, I decided to develop that storyline in a third-person/present POV.

To get the right ‘feel’ for that story, I had to research a bit of cybernetics and computer terminology to ensure the story reflected the genre. I enjoy speculative fiction, so it wasn’t too foreign a concept for me. Still the resulting story, about two cyborg characters, had to come off as authentic…and sexy too. So, the extra bit of research actually helped with that.

I had fun with this story and will definitely slate it for one to be re-written and developed to be a 3K-7K word short story at a later date.

My Round 4 Results

I scored 4 points over all—with 3 points coming from the public vote and 1 point from the jury. My entry moved me up one place from the last round, being as I ended up with 7 actual public votes this time. As a result, I’ve moved up from position 23 to 22 in the overall standings.

As always, I tend to get a range of comments and feedback from readers. Below are a few of the comments I received…in no particular order:

“A different take on the lap dancing theme that a few other stories ran with and all the better for it. The imagination of the descriptions was great, and I’m a fan of sci-fi. But it didn’t quite work for me as an erotic piece.”

“This is so far outside my interests and comfort zone that I’m not sure I can give meaningful feedback on it. I appreciated some of the artful alliteration and I did like the ending, with its echo of his earlier determination/thrall, but I have no idea whether a whirring vaginal conduit is erotic in this genre.”

“45- Wow! This was fun and unique and sexy! I really enjoyed this little sex adventure!”

“I laughed at “standard issued” but really loved the “completing the circuit” line. It felt poetic but had payoff in the final few lines. I didn’t immediately like that they just get to sex so easily… but the weird sci-fi scene debased me enough to wonder if this isn’t so abnormal. Respect for going out there with so few words and still trying to engage with potentially boring techno jargon. You handled this task well! My imagination and curiosity is engaged. I’d like to read more!”

45) A novel story. Powerful impressions of lust and satisfaction in a futuristic setting – I was fascinated and hooked.

“I love the dystopian, yet futuristic feel of this story, and the connection they have. I smiled at his ‘hard disk’ and her ‘backdoor’.”

“45.Tera-Bitten Tango */ Star: It’s an intriguing setting. / Star: Unique synopsis. / Wish: I wish I knew more about these characters.”

General Overview of the Field

Overall, I was quite impressed with everyone’s efforts. Sure, there were several that had similar portrayals of ‘dancing’, which resulted in many entries blending together as opposed to standing apart. Still, the technical aspects of writing this round were quite sound. And everyone used the ‘dance’ theme in a way that fulfilled the assignment requirements.

Each voting round, I remain mindful that entries will reflect varying degrees of experience and writers who are in varying stages of their writing journey.

I know that every participant is writing the best they can and try not to have unrealistic expectations that every story will be on par with that of my favorite best-selling writer or within the genre of my choice.

So, dancing wasn’t such an inspirational theme for this group as a whole. (It certainly wasn’t for me.) Oh well. I still appreciated the effort put forth by everyone…regardless if the entry was ‘obvious’ in its use of the prompt, wasn’t overly erotic, or tended to be more of a ‘scene’ than complete story.

It’s hard to come up with original ideas under pressure, especially if it’s not something one is use to doing. Yet, stories were submitted. Kudos to those who did!

Getting any words down at all—especially in a coherent manner and with such few words to work with—is a feat in and of itself…whether writing in a competition or not. I applaud everyone who was able to get an entry written, edited, completed and submitted by the deadline.

Without entries, there would be no stories to read…nor to judge. So, while others might feel a sense of disappointment in the offerings this round, I sincerely appreciate the hard work behind each entry.

To those needing encouragement…keep your head up and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

To those who have left the marathon—for whatever reason—your writing journey doesn’t have to stop there. PLEASE KEEP WRITING!

My favorites (and my votes, in bold) were as follows this round: 42, 27, 24, 2, 49, 6, 17, 26, 32, 52, 3, 4

Concluding the Fourth Round

Writing cyberpunk was fun. I’ll definitely be doing more writing within that genre in the future (not necessarily as a part of the marathon). As far as the dancing theme was concerned, I’m not likely to include that as a central part of any future erotic works. But, one never knows.

In any event, I qualified to move on to the next round. So, I’m looking forward to the next assignment.

. . . . . . . . .

Round 5 writing ends MAY 27 and voting begins on MAY 31. ◄◄

— All writing and fiction © 2020 Beatrix_B | The Pink Seam —

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50-Word Stories: ‘Her Wizarding Wiles’

Sharing micro-fiction stories, current and past, written for a Literotica forum thread.


Her Wizarding Wiles

Violet’s talents were such that she didn’t need prestidigitation or sleight of hand to make the wizard’s dumb cock rise. She had sex appeal, a magic that needed very little practice. It took only her mellifluous voice, reciting sexual incantations, to turn the curmudgeonly Ruprix into the horniest of toads.

■ Required words = bold


2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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Flash Fiction: A Wedding Party

Here’s my 500-word contribution for this week’s Masturbation Monday (#280) featuring the lovely and hardworking Marie Rebelle—hostess of The Smut Marathon and sex blog, Rebel’s Notes. Still, I did get an assist from another writing prompt as well…just to mix things up a bit. Get the deets below.


The Story Behind the Story

I’ll start by saying that Ms. Marie Rebelle’s image was more than enough to inspire the storyline I opted to go with this week. (If you haven’t clicked on the MM link above to see what I’m talking about…you should.)

However, as an added challenge, I used a 10-word writing prompt—taken from a Discord server I follow and whose random words had to be used in the exact order they had been presented in the challenge—to help shape the naughty tale below. I didn’t highlight the words this time. But, let’s see if we might have a little fun with that…

►► Reader Challenge:Can you pick-out the 10 prompted words I used?
Leave your guess in the comments below, and I will let you know which words you guessed correctly. After a few days, I will update the story and bold-italicize which 10 words were borrowed from the writing prompt. 

I tried to make the prompted words inconspicuous. Still, some were harder than other to blend in seamlessly the tale I wove. Perhaps you’ll pick them out, but I hope not. 

A Wedding Party

I’d not recoup my dignity after today. As it was, I could only stare at the spilt mango chutney on the table near my head and accept what was happening. Clanking dinnerware and scoffing jeers accompanied the force of my husband’s thrusts from the moment Ryan leaned me over the table, lifted my dress, and began to fuck me in the hotel banquet room…right in front of all our guests.

“Look at her…she has to be so humiliated right now,” I heard an unknown woman say. “Do you think she’ll be one of those divorce filers who claim ‘irreconcilable differences’ before the honeymoon’s over?”

Everyone laughed. So did Ryan, whose variability in fucking demonstrated that I didn’t have his full attention, despite moving relentlessly within my cum-starved hole. Intermittent laughter filled the space between my panted breaths until I began to moan, which was when he pulled out of me abruptly.

“You don’t get to come yet, slut. Now clean your juice off my cock. Then go back to our room and get in your cage.”

I lowered myself and took his tangy thickness deeply into my mouth while the guests continued to taunt me. Many of my persecutors were Ryan’s lovers. Most of them were jealous he’d chosen me over them. So, I took my time sucking him clean—slowly, lovingly—making sure I removed every trace of me.

Ryan caressed my cheek when I finished, and I smiled up at him. At his signal, I left as commanded. Our guests would finish the meal without me, though Ryan would hand-feed me later—after everything wound down. Until then, I’d be able to contemplate the day’s events from the solitude of my cage.

Soon enough, they’d all return to the suite. I’d no doubt they’d be naked within minutes and springing upon Ryan’s rampant erection one after the other—at least that’s usually what happened at the orgy-like parties I was no longer allowed to attend. But I’d still hear everything.

Ryan instructed me to leave the bedroom door open this time…considering it was a special day. I was even instructed to wait until I heard the tell-tale sounds of his impending orgasm before I was allowed to cum too. No one knew he was such a softy…despite his stern demeanor.

It’s just as well my family opted not to attend; they’d disliked Ryan from the beginning. Nothing about today would change that. Still, they had no idea how much I enjoyed being my Master’s slave. They already thought I suffered from some sort of brain abnormality, but he really wasn’t the cur they thought him to be.

I was the real monster—a raving nympho who was out of control—until I found a man who knew how to curb my self-destructive behavior through discipline and sexual deprivation. Sure, it wasn’t the kind of wedding reception a typical bride dreamed about. But, I had never been typical…nor more content. I looked forward to many years of happiness and horniness. ■   (507 words)


Beatrix_B | The Pink Seam © 2020

Masturbation Monday is a long-standing, weekly writing meme hosted by Kayla Lords.  Want to join in and share your smutty tales and sexy perspectives? Read the rules here!


50-Word Stories: ‘Four-Eyed Blind’

Sharing micro-fiction stories, current and past, written for a Literotica forum thread.


Four-eyed Blind

Gilda appeared to be a shy librarian whose coke-bottle glasses corrected her mole-like eyesight—giving her the appearance of a sexless geek. In private, she was a slut whose existence would often revolve around her masochistic fetish of jerking off horny, old men until they’d shoot cum in her eyes.

■ Required words = bold


2020 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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50-Word Stories: ‘Yes, Virginia’

Sharing micro-fiction stories, current and past, written for a Literotica forum thread.


Yes, Virginia

Virginia lies awake as she has every Christmas Eve since she’d turned eighteen. With anticipation, she rubs between her thighs until she sees his familiar shadow outside the bedroom door. Ignoring her sleeping husband’s Ambien-induced snores, she gets on all fours as the door opens, ready for Santa to come.

■ Required words = bold


2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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A Cuckold’s Christmas Carol

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Masturbation Monday (#276)! Well, perhaps the naughty version of it, if this week’s prompt—featuring ‘Little Gem’ from the website Purple’s Gem—is any indication. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this little tale/tail of Christmas cheer for one and all. 😉 ~ B.


That first winter that Carol grew antlers, my marriage—and the life I’d lived as the ‘head of household’—took a big nose-dive. But as my nose ended up in some very interesting places, when all was said and one, it all wasn’t necessarily a bad thing…or so I was to learn.

From the moment those cervine bones emerged from my wife’s long brunette waves, she developed a foul temper that seemed to be directed specifically at me. I had to start wearing turtlenecks and long-sleeve shirts, the ones Carol laughed at me for bringing with us when we moved to California from New York. I could explain away new bruises by saying I’d taken up rugby. But, the bite marks were another thing altogether.

Then there was the endless fucking. It was as if she were in rut season the second Christmas merchandise hit the stores. It got to the point that I couldn’t even get hard for her anymore. Not because I didn’t find her attractive; she was even more stunning and vivacious than I’d ever know her to be. But, she’d managed to wear me out, which brought on the cruel taunts and nicknames as well as her making fun of me in front of my friends.

“If you can’t use it to fuck me, I might as well lock up that useless dick of yours, Tiny Tim,” she said, turning my name into a joke. God, the humiliation was unbearable, especially when she started seeking out my friends and coworkers to satisfy her insatiable need for sex.

I’ll admit…I didn’t take it well in the beginning. Carol would fuck anyone who would so much as wished her ‘Happy Holidays’. Still, I have to admit…it was a bit of a relief when I didn’t have to satisfy her anymore. Her ferocious temper eventually transformed into a voracious hunger for sex…that she’d turn to others to fill her up.

It was difficult not to watch her spread her legs and share her special brand of Christmas cheer with one and all—mainly because it made me so hard to watch her do it. She insisted that I watch her take cock after cock inside her, after posting ads for gang-bangs on various sex sites. Before long, I developed a taste for it, learned to hunger—not cry—over the freshly spilled milk that would leak down her legs afterwards.

Then…she grew a tail…as if the antlers weren’t enough. This tail wasn’t like the tails on the end of the butt plugs I used to insist she wear years ago for me when playing as my pet ‘Kitty’ or ‘Bunny’. No, her tail was firmer, like a fur-covered, meaty bone, which she’d stroke like a dick when she was really turned on.

I can’t tell you how many times I’d find her showing it off to strangers or letting any curious hand up her skirt to touch it. She even stopped wearing panties so that she could flash it at will in public, then would laugh at my mortification.

Many came from far and wide to marvel at her tail. She became known as the Rein-Domme in certain smutty circles, which she enjoyed, as she got off on her new popularity. She was often the center of attention at all the festive parties we threw each year for swingers, gangbangs, and orgies—all of which I wasn’t allowed to join in. On those evenings, she’d look like a dirty little angel, sitting low in her favorite chair before our fireplace—exposing all of her fur-trimmed holes for all to see—and would make herself come over and over by jerking her tail as she fingered herself in a glorious fashion that would end in wonderous applause by those who were waiting their turn to warm their chestnuts.

Looking back, It was funny how I never used to like the holidays. But now, that time of year has new meaning for me. I can’t wait for Carol’s antlers to re-emerge and for her gang-bangs to grow even bigger than the year before. In anticipation for the exciting winter months ahead, I couldn’t help thinking, God bless us…and everyone who comes. ■

(707 words)


Beatrix_B | The Pink Seam © 2019

Masturbation Monday is a long-standing, weekly writing meme hosted by Kayla Lords.  Want to join in and share your smutty tales and sexy perspectives? Read the rules here!


50-Word Stories: ‘Bad Karma’

Sharing micro-fiction stories, current and past, written for a Literotica forum thread.


Bad Karma

“Guess we’ll have to stay late and comb through the report again,” my assistant smirked, eager to jump at the chance make me go down on her when no employees were around. Blackmail was as much a bitch as Karma. She would likely weasel her way into my job soon.

■ Required words = bold


2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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50-Word Stories: ‘In-Patient’

Sharing micro-fiction stories, current and past, written for a Literotica forum thread.



She checked-in wearing the hose and garters required by each patient. Her zombie-like gait was from her butt-plug, not the wetness under her trench that soaked her inner-thighs. She knew depraved darkness awaited her as she climbed upon the examination table. “Prepare yourself. The doctor is ready to come inside.”

■ Required words = bold


2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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Micro-Fiction: ‘Dirty Martinis’

Friday Flash No. 72 – Red Heart: I’ve missed writing for this flash fiction challenge. Still despite being busy, I decided to ‘just do it’ and write a quick drabble based on the   image prompt . If you like what you read, be sure to leave a comment. Enjoy! ~ B.


Dirty Martinis

We’d meet in the alley behind our neighborhood bar most Friday nights. Lust and alcohol was our common cocktail, made up of poor decisions that usually ended with my legs spread, and him deep inside me. With him I’m shaken and stirred…pumping, grinding in the semi-darkness.

Ours was a soundtrack of forbidden desire, a slow jam that merged with traffic jams in the inky city night. My husband’s brother did more than tend bar. He filled my ‘glass half empty’, deeply with each pour. Barring an unexpected intervention, I’d always seek that neon sign, where my ‘dirty Martin’ awaits.

■  (100 words)


2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

Friday Flash is a weekly writing meme hosted by F. Leonora Solomon and dedicated to flash fiction romance and erotica. Read the rules, join in, and share your flash!


50-Word Stories: ‘Halloween Rotisserie’

Sharing micro-fiction stories, current and past, written for a Literotica forum thread.


Halloween Rotisserie

It was strange to see the trailer rocking — an unsettling sight to the man dressed as a cowboy. He’d thought to surprise his girlfriend by popping in on her Halloween night to show off his ass-less chaps. What he found was two wizards spit-roasting her on their magic wands.

■ Required words = bold


2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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