Micro-Fiction: ‘Dirty Martinis’

Friday Flash No. 72 – Red Heart: I’ve missed writing for this flash fiction challenge. Still despite being busy, I decided to ‘just do it’ and write a quick drabble based on the   image prompt . If you like what you read, be sure to leave a comment. Enjoy! ~ B.


Dirty Martinis

We’d meet in the alley behind our neighborhood bar most Friday nights. Lust and alcohol was our common cocktail, made up of poor decisions that usually ended with my legs spread, and him deep inside me. With him I’m shaken and stirred…pumping, grinding in the semi-darkness.

Ours was a soundtrack of forbidden desire, a slow jam that merged with traffic jams in the inky city night. My husband’s brother did more than tend bar. He filled my ‘glass half empty’, deeply with each pour. Barring an unexpected intervention, I’d always seek that neon sign, where my ‘dirty Martin’ awaits.

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2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

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Micro-Fiction: ‘Wife’s a Beach’

Friday Flash No. 63 – @LoveIsAFetish: This week’s image prompt conjured up thoughts of a couple’s vacation, where a wife is more likely to relax…and a husband is more likely to get lucky. I hope you enjoy my mini-story! ~ B.


Wife’s a Beach

He looked down her reclining frame and admired the golden view, anticipating another leisurely trip to the places on her body where the sun didn’t shine. Of all the inconvenient places to get sand, he thought. But it was worth it, escaping to the beach and sinking his body deeply into the wetness before him.

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2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

Friday Flash is a weekly writing meme hosted by F. Leonora Solomon and dedicated to flash fiction romance and erotica. Read the rules, join in, and share your flash!


Micro-Fiction: ‘Feminine Ingenuity’

Friday Flash No. 62 – We Can Do It: Imagine a world where women engineered machines that would lead the way in evening out the playing field with attributes inherent to womankind. That was the idea behind the narrative inspired by this week’s image prompt. If you like what you read, be sure to leave a comment. Enjoy! ~ B.


Feminine Ingenuity

Management watched, riveted, as the factory version of Rosie5.0 flexed her muscle, effectively controlling its soft machine. This model had the strength of twenty men, yet gently held her test subject suspended in mid-air while her life-like tongue delved between the woman’s splayed legs, demonstrating what mankind had yet to learn—true strength embodied gentleness.

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2019 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

Friday Flash is a weekly writing meme hosted by F. Leonora Solomon and dedicated to flash fiction romance and erotica. Read the rules, join in, and share your flash!


Short-Fiction: Carside Pickup

The image prompt for Masturbation Monday (#257)—provided by Mx Nillin—fondly reminds me of the kind of sex I miss out on as a singleton. However, the rather lengthy story I wrote this week also served as a reminder that although I don’t have ‘a bird in hand’…I can have a ‘hand in bush’. 😉 ~ B.


“So…are you going to show me how you jerk off or what?”

I felt kind of stalkerish leaning against Danny’s car, waiting for his shift to end at the 24-diner where he worked as a short-order cook. The highlight of my weekend was sitting across from him at the counter, flirting mercilessly.

I’d be the first to admit that things had gotten a bit out of hand when masturbation came up in conversation. But, the diner had been pretty dead, and we huddled off to ourselves—separated by my ignored plate of cheese fries—and spoke in hushed voices.

When I asked to watch him masturbate some time, his response had been the smug retort,  “Anytime…any place, sweetheart!”

Seeing his surprised response to my bold question, I doubt he thought I’d ever take him up on his offer.

“You mean that wasn’t just sexy banter—you were serious!”

Danny was a tall, lanky guy, not the type I usually found attractive. He wasn’t handsome, but he was funny in a self-depreciating way that was cute. He also had a wicked wit and dirty mind that resulted in double entendres delivered with a cocky smirk.

“I was serious then…and I’m serious now, I said, leaning back against his passenger side, displaying my breasts to their best advantage. He was interested, even if a bit uncertain. Gone were his trademark smirks and relaxed vibe.

“What?! You want me to whip out my cock and go at it right here in the parking lot?” He was a bit incredulous, but his hand went to his fly as he looked around, checking for witnesses.

It was 3 a.m. The parking lot was empty. He was probably going to do it if I didn’t stop him.

“Not this time. Why don’t you take me for a ride instead?”

Hours before, Danny had been calm and collected as he explained how he planned to go home and edge as long as he could stand it. I listened with rapt interest, as I was turned on beyond belief. If his admiring gaze was any indication, he knew it. A quick look down showed my nipples jutting out from my pink tee shirt. I was glad I’d decided to go braless tonight.

Danny spared no detail—sharing the kind of porn he preferred, how he liked to sit, how he held his cock. I grew wet with every sentence he uttered in hushed tones. Danny was just as aroused…if the obvious bulge under his apron was any indication. My mouth became dry as I watched his hand slowly moved over it.

And then a bunch of rowdy college students slammed into the diner, ruining the moment and sending Danny back into the kitchen.

I was quite horny when I set off for home and could think of little else other than Danny slowly stroking his cock in the way he’d described. To be honest, I had every intention of going home and getting off myself, but then I thought about how he’d said anytime, any place…which is how I ended up waiting for his shift to end and for him to answer my question.

“Yeah…okay.” He moved quickly then, as if to open my door before I changed my mind. I’m sure he didn’t get many offers to watch him work his meat outside of the diner…especially not from bossy brunettes with big tits.

Shutting the door after me, he got in on his side and looked me over. The interior light revealed that my too short skirt had lost its battle to contain my tanned, toned thighs, which left my bare legs on display.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Of course I do.”

“Good. You can think of me as a substitute…since you won’t have your porn to inspire you. But, I’m not taking my close off.”

“You being here is inspiration enough,” he said. His voice had gone hoarse. He cleared his throat, “I’m okay with you keeping your clothes on. That’s… kind of hot, actually.” He was looking at my tits when he spoke, and I watched his cock strain against his jeans.

“Glad to hear it!” I smiled in return and looked down at his package. “Now, it’s my turn to say I like what I see. But, I want to see more. Let’s get outta here.”

“Where do you want to go?”

“Any lonely road will do.” I smiled. He did his best to adjust his raging hard-on and started the engine.

It didn’t take long for him to find a secluded spot. Even less time to unzip and pull down his jeans and his boxer briefs at my bidding. His cock made a thick, meaty sound as it sprang back and hit his abdomen in his haste. I checked my mouth to make sure I wasn’t drooling.

He was of average size, straight, and meticulously shaved. But, I was especially drawn to his dusky glans, that seemed to grow more bulbous as I stared. I couldn’t help imagining what he’d feel like sliding into my wet pussy. I didn’t try to stifle my low growl, which resulted in him pulsing his cock under my appreciative gaze.

“Holy shit,” he said, tensing, “I think I could come hands-free from you just staring at me and growling like that.”

“I can’t help it. That has to be the sexiest cock I’ve ever seen. If ever there was a cock meant to be admired…it’s yours. I could stare at it for hours.” That was a lie. If I stared at it much longer, I was likely to climb on top of him so that I could feel his swollen head stretch me.

“Shit…if you keep saying things like that, you are going to make me come. Can I stroke for you now…please.”

“Yes.” Within minutes of speaking the words, his left hand went to work on his dick. His fingers shook a bit at first. I imagined it was from a mixture of nervousness and excitement. But, once he got going, there wasn’t anything hesitant about his smooth, slow movements as he used his pointer, middle finger, and thumb to glide up and down his shaft and occasionally rubbing just under his wide head.

My breathing matched his as I watched him and took in the musky smell of his pre-cum within the close confines of his car. Soon, my wetness coated my flimsy panties and oozed beyond to moisten my inner-thighs. My musky scent joined his, filling the car’s interior with the scent of sex.

“Jesus, I can smell how hot this is making you,” he said, leaning in closer towards me, his hand continuing to move over his flesh. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to last much longer.” He stopped stroking then, but I could see that he was so close.

He thought to edge longer and put on a show for me. But, I didn’t want him to back off. I needed to see his cum shoot out of him. I wanted to hear his grunts moments before his spunk glazed his chest. I wanted to smell the sharp scent of a man well-satisfied…and I wanted it now.

“No, don’t stop. I want you to come for me—I need you to come for me right now…or I’m going to lose it.” My tone was brisk and demanding due to my heightened state of arousal, but he didn’t seem to mind. He simply did as he was told, this time using his right hand.

He moved quicker now, knowing that the end was near. Without even realizing what I was doing, I began to clench my thighs together and writhe in my seat as his impending orgasm grew near.

“God, watching you is making me so fucking turned on,” I said as the pulsing pressure of my thighs squeezed in against my swollen clit. “But, I want you to come now so I can come with you.”

The desperation in my voice must have sent him over the edge because he came then. His breath caught and his head flew back before he shouted his release, amplified by the car’s interior. Thick ropes of cum spurted out of his cock landing on his shirt and on the driver’s side window. Moments later I felt my own orgasm ripped through my clenched thighs, robbing me of words. As I gasped for air,  I could feel the warm liquid from my orgasm spilling onto his car seat. He was going to have to clean up my cum.

That thought had me smiling into the silence as we both recovered…and then my stomach growled. Danny laughed. “Yeah, you didn’t touch your cheese fries earlier. I guess you were hungry for something else.”

“I suppose I was,” I replied, still smiling as I basked in the waves of dopamine coursing through my body. My stomach growled again…louder this time. “Apparently, I still am. I could go for ‘seconds’.” He laughed again.

“God, I love how greedy you are. How ‘bout I make you breakfast. Then we can talk about seconds.”

“As long as I get to order curbside again.” ■

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Beatrix_B | The Pink Seam © 2019

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