#Erotica280 prompt = ‘Suitcase’

Enjoy this micro story inspired by the #Erotica280 Twitter prompt ‘suitcase’.


Hands-On Ex *

Leslie’s end came at the beginning. Those first grasps of flesh and gasps of ecstasy gave her keys to his house—not his bed. Soon, anxious fingers passed the nights clasping empty bed sheets…until she opted for the door knob in one hand and her suitcase in the other.

■  (50 words, 268 characters)
* Slightly altered from original Twitter post.


2020 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam on Twitter

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Erotic Rewind: July’s #StoryIn12

erotic rewind-bnr

Inspired by the @Zen Nudist’s review post, I’ve combined a collection of 12-word stories I’ve written throughout July at the daily Twitter hashtag #StoryIn12 (hosted by @MollysDailyKiss and @Wriggly_Kitty). Some were hot; some were not…but I had fun participating. 

31 Days of Making a Short-Story Shorter…

ENLARGE: Just the thought of you / enlarges the part of me / my panties conceal. (Haiku)

CHERRY: The cherry in their cocktail, her fruit had yet to be pitted.

GRAVEL: She rode for miles with the gravel of his voice beneath her

VOYAGE: Sex was like a shipwrecked voyage, always ending with him going down.

CYLINDER: She came hard, due to / the cylindrical strength of / her hand-held vacuum. (Haiku)

RAW: Uncooked seafood repulsed him, but he couldn’t resist eating his Susie raw.


■ Slowly taking him in, she measured his aptitude for improvement in inches.
■ A foursome with three men meant she had no room for improvement.

■ An erotic onion, she removed each layer teasingly to reveal her core.
■ He’d cleaned and was chopping onions—she’d have his meatloaf later tonight.

AQUARIUM: She had an aquarium full of guppies, but yearned for a piranha.

UNDERLINE: A dexterous calligrapher, she underlined his stroke with one of her own.

■ Her button pushed, she worked his lever—creating the first Rube Goldberg.
■ Just pressing her button didn’t work; he had to really wiggle it.


FINANCE: She romanced the finances of accountants crooked in more ways than one.

VISIBLE: She’d made visible the path to ecstasy, but he was third-eye blind.

SUMMER: I feasted on abs tasting of summer, all sweat and male arousal.

BUILDING: She took communion behind buildings, on her knees…flesh on her tongue.

BRIDGE: His pillar of flesh was the land bridge between their isolated lusts.

CANDY: Not one for candy, she preferred the salty nougat made from nuts.

PRICE: He’d paid the price of admittance and was allowed to come inside.

PHOTO: His was a photo finish with two cumsluts straining neck and neck.

RELAX: Something old, new, borrowed, and blew, his mother-in-law’s pre-wedding gift relaxed him.

BRIDE: The ring he accepted from his new bride wasn’t for his finger.


SLICE: Savoring the dirty vignette she’d written, he fingered her slice of life.

PRIEST: Rasputin gave the novice a wanton priest’s communion, thickly onto her tongue.

LATE/SHEET: She awoke late, the sheet stuck to her thigh where he’d been.

LATE: Come late, I don’t mind. / My preference is to wait / notably longer. (Haiku)

SNAKE: In their threesome, she’d suck poison from the wound or the snake.

STREET: A successful sex-worker, easy street was the corner of 69th and Bush.

FAIL: Her failure to take it all in was more blessing than curse.

GREEN: She only wore kale-colored panties to ensure her greens were consumed daily.

DEVELOPING: A threesome was developing; she poured more wine and undid more buttons.

So, what do you think?

Are there one or two micro tales you’d like to see expanded into longer short-form fiction stories?