Friday Flash No. 26 – Tentacles: When writing at Friday Flash, you never know what kind of image prompt you might get. So, why was I shocked to see an octopus mural for this week’s prompt?!
Here’s my micro-fiction attempt at making mollusks sexy. Enjoy! ~Beatrix_B 



Robin obsessed over three things: the number eight, graffiti art, and sucking cock.

Having found a way to combine her compulsions, she painted the last set of suction cups onto the graffitied mollusk to immortalized the eight cocks she’d recently sucked off. She grew wet remembering the creamy offerings that splattered her flesh like warm paint as she counted all the other ‘cups’ on the image depicting twenty-feet of tentacles.

Only Robin knew why pink octopuses adorned buildings all over the city. She’d need a new location to paint tonight—she’d a date with another eight at 8:38 p.m. ■  (100 words)


2018 © Beatrix_B | @ThePinkSeam

From Image to Story Idea

FF-tentacles2aThe beauty of Ms. Solomon’s Friday Flash image prompts is that she doesn’t explain them. Therefore each writer has the challenge of coming up with their own interpretations when writing a story.

I’ll be the first to admit—I don’t find octopuses (and, yes…that is the correct spelling of the plural form) very sexy.

My only exposure to this sea creature has been during my travels across the north of Spain—they are surprisingly delicious when prepared correctly. So, I had to really use creative thinking to breakdown elements within the image that would trigger a story idea that would work as erotica and make use of the prompt.

It was the idea of ‘suction cups’ that sparked the idea of fellatio (for obvious reasons). Then the thought of a highly-sexual woman being obsessed with blowjobs—and being covered in ejaculation—that merged with the idea of Arithmomania, an obsessive-compulsive fixation with numbers, calculations and/or the need to count objects or one’s actions.

Being as octopuses have 8 tentacles, it made sense that my horny graffiti artist should have a thing for that number. Then the crux of the plot came together…

What if the graffiti artist had the compulsion to record each time she engaged in the sexual act by painting suction cups on the tentacles of a graffitied octopus mural? What if there were several of such paintings around her city commemorating her exploits? 

And…voila! A story was born.

The challenging part was executing it as micro-fiction in 100-words.

Friday Flash is a weekly writing meme hosted by F. Leonora Solomon and dedicated to flash fiction romance and erotica. Read the rules, join in, and share your flash!


How Did I Do?

Did you enjoy the story…or reading about how it was inspired? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. So, leave a few comments below!

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